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Defence Barta is a dedicated online portal on Indian Defence and Strategic News.
India ranks 4th in Global Fire Power Index. We beleave, most of Indians are keen to know the Indian defence related news and analysis on daily basis and want to feel proud of the nation.
This blog is dedicated to give a complete, unique, reliable and daily basis news of all the current happenings in the Indian Defence sector.
Our information and analysis are covered all three services of Indian defence force, as well as Indian para-military forces.
Always we try to explain and analysis every strategic and vital topics  in simple way to our reader.
Our aim is to become a reliable source for the readers who are interested on defence related news and topics. For this purpose, we try to provide every news as quick as possible to our readers.

Defence Barta is a single window to get a knowledge and news about Indian Defence forces.
Stay with us to updated yourself.